Wednesday, 18 April 2018

2018 Finish-a-long Q2 proposed finishes

The time has come to link up my proposed finishes for Q2. Quarter 1 was really productive - I managed to finish up 10 works-in-progress; four quilts, four pillows, a playmat and some patchwork bibs.

However, these were my 'lowest hanging fruit' (closest to finished and therefore easiest to pick off) so I doubt I'll be able to replicate these results in quarter 2.

This quarter I’m going to tackle my long list of WIPs from quilt-alongs that I joined but wasn’t able to keep up with.  I’ve included a few projects that are rolled over from Q1 but most of them are WIPs from QALs that I joined but wasn’t able to keep up with. 

Most are from last year (the Ombre Gems QAL, the Milky Way sampler, Scrappy trip around the world QAL, Sewcial Bee sampler, the Quilt Block Cookbook sampler, Quilt non sampler, the Honey Pot bee), but some are even older (the Glisten QAL, the first 1930 Farmer’s Wife QAL).

I’m also hoping to join in All the Animals sew-along and finish off some Elizabeth Hartman animal quilts that I cut the pieces for last year (the actual piecing turned out to be too much for my late pregnancy baby brains). Not included are my hand-piecing WIPs from last year’s QALs (the EPP party, Icecream soda quilt along) because I’m trying to keep it within the realms of possibility :)

Here's the extract from my WIP spreadsheet with the specific details.

I'm aiming high, but as the saying goes, you've got to aim high to hit high. Though honestly, if I can even finish off half of these projects I will be very happy.



  1. I love a spreadsheet! Good luck. Some of those projects are GORGEOUS! On behalf on the FAL crew, thanks for joining in!

  2. I like to have lots on my FAL list so that anything I finish gets counted. Nothing gets me more than finishing something and then realising it wasn't what I was "supposed" to be working on and so I don't get points for it... yes, I am a child, lol. Good luck!! looking forward to seeing how you go :-)
    E xx

  3. I love how organized your list is! Good luck!