Saturday, 8 September 2018

September One Monthly Goal

The months are rolling by really quickly and it's already time to link up my Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal for September.

We moved house a couple of months ago but with three little ones and full-time jobs, unpacking is going really slowly. I'm setting up a new sewing space bit by bit and it's slowly starting to come together. I'm hoping to have it fully set up by the end of the month so my goal for September is to finish a project I've had on the go for ages; some fabric baskets to organise my smaller pieces of fabric.

I've made a prototype using my aqua scraps (using a modification of the sturdy fabric baskets by Lillyella), but still need to make another 14 or so. I've started making the patchwork panels for the next batch, and have been really enjoying the improv QAYG technique.

The next step will be a trip to Spotlight (the Aussie version of Jo-Ann's) for some more extra firm interfacing. I wonder how many other items I'll come out with :)


Friday, 31 August 2018

Wild Goose Chase quilt top

I'm linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal - August Finish Link-up and sharing my progress on my Wild Goose Chase quilt. This month my goal was to get the quilt top pieced, which I managed to achieve today.

It was actually quite challenging to put the quilt top together because I was working with different sized blocks. About half of the blocks were sewn two and a half years ago, on a different machine, and by practically a different quilter. And before you think that it must be that my sewing has gotten better, my seam allowance is more accurate etc., it's actually the other way around. Early 2016 Kat was well rested and patient, took time to use pins and didn't hesitate to get out her seam ripper if the points were slightly off. Current Kat hasn't slept through the night in a very long time, doesn't even know where her seam ripper is, and even if she did, wouldn't use it unless she'd sewn a piece on upside down (which happens quite a bit). She's more of a 'finished is better than perfect' and 'close enough is good enough' kind of gal.

It's definitely not perfect, but it is a finished top and I'm happy with that. It's now off to the quilter for her to work her magic.


Tuesday, 7 August 2018

August One Monthly Goal

I seriously cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. August already!!!

Last month was a busy month with a big move, but now that we are somewhat settled into the new place, I am hoping that I can be more productive and get a few WIPs finished. This month my One Monthly Goal (hosted by Elm Street Quilts) is to finish piecing the top to my Wild Goose Chase quilt.

I unpacked my WIP boxes on Saturday night and was pleased to find that not only did I already have a lot of the background squares already cut, I had also written down exactly what fabric I was using for the background.

I've got 9 blocks already sewn up, so only another 23 to go!

I'm actually planning to get this one quilted by a longarmer, which I've never done before. I can't wait to see how it turns out.


Wednesday, 1 August 2018

A not-so-scrappy trip around the world quilt

Just a quick post today to link up with the Elm Street Quilts July One Monthly Goal link-up and share my completed goal. I managed to finish my not-so-scrappy trip around the world quilt with a few hours to spare, thanks to some help from my cute little assistants (a.k.a children).


Unfortunately it was a bit too windy for an outdoor quilt photo shoot, so I'll aim to try again later in the week.

In the mean time, here's a look at the whole quilt top before it was quilted.

My fingers are crossed for some better quilt photography weather!


Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Quarter 3 finish-a-long goals

Just a quick post tonight (as we move house tomorrow!) to link up my proposed finishes for quarter 3 of the 2018 finish-a-long.

Here's the extract from my WIP spreadsheet (the pics start in the centre, then go clockwise starting from the top left.

Last quarter I only managed to finish four quilts, and all of them were small ones, so this quarter I a hoping to finish a few bigger projects. On the top of my list is m scrappy trip around the world quilt that I am working on at the moment.

As always, I'm listing quite a few to keep my options open - I really don't expect I'll finish a project a week :)


Monday, 9 July 2018

Farmer's Wife mini quilt

It's school holidays at the moment and my older son has been spending a bit more time with me in the craft room. While he's not quite ready to learn to sew, he is full of suggestions for what I should sew next. One of his suggestions was a quilt for his little sister's dolly.

I have a big pile of half finished projects and a long list of proposed list of finishes for quarter 2, so it was very easy to put together a little dolly quilt.

These blocks were made about 2 years ago as part of a Farmers Wife quilt along I joined but quickly fell behind in. I think one of the reasons I ran out of enthusiasm is that I approached the blocks without any plan for the colours or style, and found that they weren't working well together.

I do love sampler quilts though and may even try the Farmer's Wide sampler again one day. But not before I fulfilled a few more sewing requests from my little guy, including a new pair of space pajamas.


DS mini quilt

A few weeks ago one of my quilty instagram friends, Andrea, suggested that we do a Denyse Schmidt fabric swap. I'm a big fan of swapping prints - it's a great way of add variety to your stash without adding more volume, and is much more economical.

Andrea needed extra prints for her Tula Pink City Sampler that she is sewing up at the moment, and had extra of quite a few prints that I didn't have, so we each filled a small satchel of DS goodies for the other. I thought it would be fun to make a little swap extra so I turned my scrappy DS star kisses block (from last year's honeypot bee) into a little mini quilt for her.

This project was on my list of proposed finishes for this quarter. I had intended to make a whole lot more of these blocks (they are great scrapbusters) and turn them into a larger quilt, but decided that it was not likely to happen this year. I may end up making a bigger quilt in the future, but for now my scraps get to survive another day and I get to cross another WIP off my list.

These are the delicious prints she sent my way.

I'm looking forward to seeing Andrea's quilt come together, and to someday getting back to my other DS WIPs (yes, I have more than one project on the go using DS fabric).