Monday, 7 January 2019

Glisten quilt

Today's quilty finishes catch up post is about my recently finished Glisten quilt. I started it over 3 years ago during a quilt-along (the Glisten-along), but wasn't able to keep up and ran out of motivation once the quilt-along was over. It sat collecting dust in some kitchen serving trays for over two and a half years and so was one of the top projects on my list of proposed finishes for this quarter.

The quilt is made with prints from the Miss Kate collection by Bonnie and Camille, and while I love the collection, I didn't have very many of the prints and so struggled to get good contrast within the blocks and also felt that there wasn't enough variety in the quilt. The scale of the prints probably weren't a great match for the sizes of the pieces either. However, finished is better than perfect and I thought it would be better finished and donated to a charity than continue collecting dust. I put the blocks together (without the border) and finished it with a minimal amount of straight line quilting.

My finish happened to coincide with a trip to a winery for my Mum's birthday lunch so I was at least able to get some nice photos, even though it's not the nicest quilt.

I plan to donate it to the Very Snuggly Quilts program where it might find a loving home with a teenage girl. Mr 6 certainly doesn't mind it.


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  1. I can tell you are not so happy with this but it IS still a pretty quilt; aren't we our own toughest critics LOL?!? I currently have a quilt underway that I don't like too (I no longer like the colour scheme or the 'country' style of the is a UFO that I think I must have started at least 15 years ago (I can't remember if it was pre-child or not and he is nearly 18). It was a panel kit that I had pieced, and made a backing for, but never got it quilted, which I did today. Just binding to do tomorrow then I can wash it and give it to a charity shop to sell or giveaway.