Monday, 15 October 2018

2018 finish-along: Quarter 4 proposed finishes

I can't believe we're in quarter 4 already! 2018 has gone by at lightning speed.

At the start of the year my WIP list was over 50 projects long so I set myself a goal of only working on my WIPs (no new projects) in order to try and get that number down to less than 10. While I've been good on the 'no new projects' front, I haven't been able to keep up with my target of 14 finishes per quarter and still have over 30 projects on my list.

So this quarter I am going to try and blitz my WIPs to see if I can at least get my WIP list to under 25 (half it's original size). I've picked 21 of my closest to completion projects, including a selection of Christmassy ones. I've deliberately left out all of my hand-piecing and longer term projects (such as a big selvage quilt).

Here are my first 13 'regular' quilty projects in the works:

And here are the Christmassy projects:

All the details are in my embarrassingly-long WIP spreadsheet. Here's an extract describing each of the pics in the collages.

Here's hoping for a new personal best in productivity!


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  1. Wow, gorgeous projects! You have selected such a yummy array of fabrics in the best palette -- good luck in clearing some off your list.