Friday, 18 January 2019

2019 quarter 1 proposed finishes

I'm getting in under the wire to link up my proposed finishes for quarter 1 of the 2019 finish along.

This time around I have included most of my WIPs (all except my Christmas and long-term hand-piecing projects), so that I can keep my options open. I suspect I'll finish less than half, but I am totally ok with that! Here they are  all their glory:

I'll start in the top left and work anticlockwise around the outside and then the inside:

1. Mandolin quilt: I finished piecing the top on NYE but still need to baste, quilt and bind
2. Some HSTs from a Ripples quilt from 2017 that I intend to turn into a charity quilt (I hate to throw out the bigger triangle off-cuts)
3. My double star quilt from my 2018 MissBHaven quilting bee. I am still waiting on a few blocks but am super keen to put this one together.
4. I've cut out a few hundred 3.5" squares of different Denyse Schmidt prints and am planning to make a quilt just like this one (
5. A charm square quilt using Kate Spain's Paradiso collection
6. Some FMQ practice pieces that I intend to turn into something useful
7. A cross-stitch I started about a decade ago 🤣
8. An I-spy economy block I am making for my wee ones
9. A Spinwheel quilt for my brother that I need to finish quilting and binding before his birthday on Thursday.
10. A low volume plus quilt I started a few weeks ago, but has been on my quilty bucket list for a while
11. A Daydream quilt from my 2018 B&C bee. I'm still waiting on a few blocks but am looking forward to finishing this one.
12.The leftover triangles from making the geese units from my Spinwheel quilt (number 9). There's a few hundred of them so it should make a nice sized charity quilt
13. My Wild Goose Chase quilt top that it currently on it's way back to me from the quilters
14. Blocks I made during a quilt-non a few years ago. I'm thinking that they would make a nice feature panel on a tote bag.
14. Blocks from a Quilt Block Cook Book sampler quilt I started in 2017.
15. My Freckles quilt that as been on the backburner for too long.

This year I'm also hoping to try lots of new things (which often means starting new projects) but I'm hoping to maintain a stable 'project balance' by working my way through this list. Hopefully it doesn't get any bigger for quarter 2.


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  1. Lists grow so fast in my experience. Looks like a lot of fun.