Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sunday Stash - 5/2/2017

A couple of weeks ago for Sunday Stash I shared some quilting books that I'd ordered from Connecting Threads. For this week's Sunday Stash I'm sharing the fat quarters that I added to my order in order to qualify for free shipping to Australia :)

First up are these fun black and white prints from Cheryl Arkison's Tag collection. I used most of my B&W stash in my Modern HST sampler quilt so these are to restock my stash.

I also picked up some orange and red prints from Amanda Jean Nyberg's Good Neighbors collection for an Autumn chain block quilt that I'm working on.

Lastly, I added some different blues from various Cotton and Steel collections. Blues are a bit lacking in my stash (and I've been drooling over Bec's use of blues in her 100days100blocks quilt) so I'm on a mission to build up my collection of blues.

And that's all folks. I've been thinking that I need to resort my stash by colour, rather than by manufacturer/designer because most of the time I go hunting through my stash it is usually for a particular colour. I'm curious to know how other quilters sort their stash if anyone has any tips for making the big change.



  1. Love your fabric colours. When I participated in a Canadian swap last year in which we sent 50 x 2.5 squares to folks celebrating their birthday month (total of 30 participants), I found myself repeating purchases of fabrics so I could meet their request. Not good. There is too much lovely fabric to buy - I don't need duplicates. I took a month (because I have a scary amount of fabric after 25 years collecting) organizing by colour and type of fabric. So - batiks - all organized according to the rainbow (cuz I am anal). Novelty fabrics (Christmas, Hallowe'en etc) organized in their own section. Sometimes I will keep a fabric designers altogether (Alison Glass). And there is a general stash of red, green, yellow etc. Small scraps are in plastic drawers. It really tells you your colour preferences in a hurry (I have a lot of teal). The downside is as I ironed the fabric to make it squish better - my husband became aware of my fabric quantity…

  2. Love the low volume stack! I've just started beefing up my LV stash as well! I've sorted much of my non-favorite fabrics by color, but have a hard time mixing it with my favorites. They don't play nice together or maybe I'm a little OCD about it!

  3. Love, love those black and white fabrics by Cheryl Arkinson! Simply luscious.