Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sunday Stash - 12/2/2017

For today's Sunday Stash I'm sharing a bouquet of brightly coloured zippers.

Late last year I won of a gift certificate to Zip It Zippers as part of the Elm Street Quilts Bag It sew along. I had a lot of trouble choosing between colours so I ended up ordering a 65 piece sampler set which included one of each colour.

I was really thrilled at both the lovely bright colours, and with how each zipper is labelled with the name of the colour.

I see a lot of pouch sewing in my future, and (if I am brave enough) maybe even a Sew Together Bag,



  1. Ohh those zippers are so pretty!!!

  2. That;s a lot of zippers! But they do make a very nice bouquet. I'd be tempted to turn them into roses or something, but a sew together bag would be gorgeous, too!

  3. Those are really pretty! I got an assortment from Amazon and have been working through a bunch of zippy pouches myself.

  4. fun! I need to learn the zippered pillow technique so I can re-use pillow forms. Easy for storing off season pillow covers too!