Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Sunday Stash - 16/04/2017

Just a super quick post to share my Sunday Stash for last week.

I've just returned back home from a short road trip to Canberra and back for the Easter long weekend, and (as usual) I hit up some Spotlight stores along the way (for those in the US, Spotlight is the equivalent of Jo-Ann's). I love visiting Spotlight stores outside mthe Melbourne area as I usually find the most unexpected treasures.

Like these awesome Elizabeth Hartman prints for only $5/m!

Hunting for bargains is even more fun than hunting for Easter eggs :)

On the way home I also found some Bonnie and Camille and Elizabeth Olwen prints that I will share some other time (after I've had a chance to take some pretty pictures).

I hope everyone had a fabulous fabric-filled Easter.


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