Sunday, 1 October 2017

A quilt for Stella

My last quilty finish from my list of proposed finishes for this quarter is a quilt that I made for my friend's daughter, Stella.

The quilt was made from a set of precut triangles (called Turnovers) from the Color Me Happy range by V & Co for Moda. I love the lucious colours in this collection and thought they would make a nice quilt for a little girl.

As always, I was short on time so I chose a simple hourglass design. I sewed the Turnover triangles together in pairs (one low volume and one high volume print) to form HSTs and then used the HST to form hourglass blocks. The blocks trimmed down to 9" square unfinished.

I used 40 of the triangles in the pack to make 20 hour glass blocks and arranged them in a 4 x 5 layout, alternating the placement of the low-volume prints. This gave me a top that was 34.5" x 43" unfinished so I was able to back it with a single one yard cut from the same collection.

I was pretty chuffed at how efficiently I was able use the fabric I had (only 2 triangles unused). For the binding I used a quarter yard cut (cut into four 2.25" strips) so there was also very little wastage there. 

Harriet kindly agreed to test out the quilt before we gifted it to Stella. She even wore a coordinating jump suit :)


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  1. The colours in this quilt are delightful. What a gorgeous fabric range. It is a simple quilt but is so effective. Gorgeous quilt model you have there!
    Cheers, Karen