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2017 Finish-a-long - Quarter 3 proposed finishes

Today I'm linking up my list of proposed finishes for quarter 3 of the 2017 Finish-a-long. Quarter 2 was quite productive, with several quilt finishes and a couple of babies :)

I'm hoping that quarter three will be just as productive so I'm listing lots of projects (more than I can realistically hope to achieve but I like to keep my options open). Most have just been rolled over from quarter 2, but some have been added in the mean time.

Small projects

I thought I'd start with a couple of small (non-quilt) projects I have on the go.

1. Bonnie and Camille raspberry kisses pillow - I'm making a pillow for my red rocking chair using a variety of Bonnie and Camille prints. So far I have made the pillow top but need to finish turning it into a pillow cover.
2. Les Fleurs pillow - I made six 6" blocks for the quilt-non sampler earlier this year from prints from the Les Fleurs collection. I'm planning to make three more 6" blocks and turn it into a pillow.
3. Fat eighth storage trays - I've been hunting for the right size tray to store my rainbow fat eighths for a while with no luck so I've decided to make my own using Nicole's (from Lilyella's Stitchery) sturdy fabric basket tutorial. I've finalised the design and have made a prototype. I'm hoping to make a whole series of these (one for each colour).
4. Zip up fabric tray - I've been doing quite a bit of handsewing in bed so thought I'd make myself a zip up tray pouch to keep my supplies tidy by my bedside. I've purchased the pattern, pulled the fabric and cut the interfacing but need to start sewing.

Swap projects

I signed up for a Bonnie and Camille mini barn quilt swap so there are a few projects I need to finish up this quarter.

1. The main mini quilt - I've got the quilt top partially assembled.
2. Mug rugs - I'm making my partner a set of mug rugs based on a few of the Thimble Blossoms mini patterns. I've cut all the pieces I need to make some mini blocks.
3. Basket - I'm planning to make a sturdy fabric basket to hold the mug rugs and have cut a bunch of 2.5" squares for the outer panels.
4. Cross stitch - I'm making a cross stitch swoon block mini hoop as an extra. I've got my materials and have drafted the pattern but need to get stitching.

Baby quilts

My two little babies have already outgrown the tiny quilts I made for their bassinets so one of the tasks on the top of my to-do list is to finish making their larger quilts.

1. I've turned a couple of test blocks for a scrappy trip around the world quilt into a mini quilt for my little girl. It's basted but needs to be quilted and bound.
2. I'm also making a quilt for my little boy using some leftover hourglass blocks from a quilt I made a few years ago.
3. Frances Firefly mini 1 - While I was pregnant I started making the twins a set of Frances Firefly quilts for when they move into their cots. I've selected the precut strips for the baby girl's quilt and have pieced the first block (through can't find it to photograph).
2. Frances Firefly mini 2 - I've also selected the precut strips for my baby boy's quilt but haven't started sewing yet.

Quilts for Rupert

Since the babies will be getting new quilts, I'm also hoping to finish a few quilts that I have on the go for Mr. 4.

1. Economy block truck quilt - this one has been a WIP for a long time (since Nana bought the blue dump truck print home from Germany a few years ago).
2. Disney quilt - Rupert has been collecting some prints from his favourite Disney movies and I've promised to turn them into a quilt for him. I'm planning a simple brick design to show off the large scale prints.
3. Rocket quilt - the little man is currently obsessed with space and the Solar System so I'm planning to make him a slightly larger version of this quilt.
4. Numbers wall hanging - last year I made him a Spell it with Fabric alphabet quilt for his birthday. I've been meaning to use to leftover strips to make him a coordinating wall-hanging with the number blocks.

Other little quilts

I'd also love to finish a few other little quilts I have on the go.

1. Hazel baby quilt - I'm planning to make a Hazel Hedgehog quilt using prints from the Eastham collection by Denyse Schmidt. I've cut a lot of the pieces but have been waiting for a time when I am not so sleep deprived before I start the complex piecing.
2. Colour me Happy hourglass quilt - One of my friends recently had a little girl so I am making her a quilt; using some precut triangles to make a simple hourglass quilt. I've assembled the hourglass blocks but need to make a date with my rotating mat to get them all trimmed.
3. Moxie quilt - I started this project many years ago and would love to get it finished. I've cut all the pieces and sewn some of the wedges but need to sort out some background fabric before I can continue.
4. Starflower quilt - I made an extra large version of the star flower block for the Honey Pot Bee in January and have plans to turn it into a children's quilt or a play mat for my little ones.

Current quilt-along projects

I have a weakness for quilt-alongs and tend to join in more than I can possibly keep up with. These are a couple of current quilt alongs that I am hoping to wrap up this quarter. For each of these I have made several blocks and am hoping to be able to keep up.
1. EPP party
2. Snail day sew along
3. Sewcial Bee Sampler
4. Scrappy trip around the world sew along

Past quilt-along projects

These are projects from previous quilt alongs where I fell off the wagon before the finish line. Most are from earlier this year but the Glisten-a-long WIP goes back to 2015!
1. Ombre gems quilt
2. Swoon quilt
3. Glisten quilt
4. Quilt block cook book sampler quilt

Denyse Schmidt projects

I have been hoarding my Denyse Schmidt prints for a long time and finally got around to chopping them up recently. Usually if I am cutting up yardage for a project, I also cut up yardage for other projects at the same time. So I now have several WIPs featuring DS prints :)

1. Icecream soda quilt - I'm planning to do quite a bit of hand sewing over the next few months so I've been preparing pieces to make an icecream soda quilt. I've stitched a few blossoms and have the pieces for another 20 or so blossoms basted and ready to go.
2. Scrappy DS quilt - I'm in love with Erica Jackman's scrappy DS quilt and I'm planning to make one the same. I've cut over 350 3.5" squares from almost 200 different prints ready to put together.
3. Star kisses project - I've also cut the pieces to make several star kisses blocks, which I hope to turn into a pillow or baby quilt.
4. Crazy rails quilt/pillow - All my cutting generated a bunch of strips that I plan to turn into a DS version of Crazy Mom Quilt's crazy rails quilt. I'm not sure if it will be a quilt or a pillow

Other quilts for me

These are all the other quilt WIPs I'd love to finish for myself  this quarter : )

1. Freckles quilt - One of my goals for this year is to master curved piecing. I've started making the Tula Pink Freckles quilt but still have a long way to go.
2. Bonnie and Camille log cabin quilt - This is a recurring item on my proposed finishes lists that I never get around to finishing. I've got a lovely pile of log cabin blocks from a swap ready to turn into a quilt.
3. Paradiso Wild Goose Chase quilt - A quilt I started early last year that I hope to finish soon.
4. Selvage quilt - The selvage quilt I finished last year is my all-time favourite quilt and I've already started on another one, this time using a spiderweb block pattern.

I'm embarrassed to say that this is not even a complete listing of all of my WIPs. Hopefully one day I will learn to finish a project before starting 5 more :)


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  1. What a fantastic list of works in progress! You can totally knock a few of these off the list this quarter, good luck! Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2017 global Finish-A-Long hosts.