Thursday, 30 November 2017

A quilt for Geoff

Last month my big brother celebrated his birthday, and finished the last assessment of his degree. Naturally I made him a quilt :)

I wanted to keep it very masculine so I used a layer cake of Modern Background Ink and paired it with a Star Wars flannel for the back.

To make the top I cut some of the layer cake squares in half diagonally, made HSTs amd trimmed to 9.5" square. I trimmed the remaining squares to 9.5" and arranged them semi-randomly, trying to create a sort of ombre effect.

For the quilting I used a simple sharp stipple design (my current go-to FMQ all-over).

I took the finished quilt into the city for a quick photoshoot in Croft Alley. I thought the street art made the perfect backdrop for the graphic quilt.

I'm really happy with how it turned out, and how efficient it was - both in terms of time (it came together really quickly) and fabric use (I used all of the layer cake squares with very little wastage).  I'm feeling inspired to use up more of my precut stash - especially since my sewing time is a little bit limited at the moment!


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